Liberté! Egalité! Cabaret!

I’ll be MCing at this fundraiser for The Queer Alternative on 1st June Please come along! Tickets available from WeGotTickets.

Edit 19/04/13:

Here’s the lineup so far (more acts to be announced)

*The Priscillas
*Andrew O’Neill
*Benjamin Louche
*Blanche DuBois
*Nathan Evans
*Andromada Mystic
*Cola Falquero
*Allouetta La Zouch
*Ashleigh Loeb

With DJs Frankie D (Flag Promotions/Slimelight), AndyRavenSable (Rivet) and Scott (Alternative Bring and Buy)

Raffle for prizes including:
*Nine Inch Nails DVDs
*Professional studio photoshoot
*A pair of tickets to The Double R Club
*Two Eurostar tickets
*And a pair of tickets (with camping) for Alt-Fest!

Food and drinks served til 11pmLiberté! Egalité! Cabaret! Flyer

Living History Poetry

Long time no updated.

So we got back from Living History on 14th February. I don’t want to write too much about it but it was amazing! We then poured all the experience and learning we did into “Show In a Week” (does what it says on the tin) which we performed on 28th February & 1st March. Here’s some poetry I wrote inspired by Living History that was used in the collaborative phase of the show but wasn’t in the final performance:

I had a fire in my belly.

I tried to dowse it with water

But the flames caught light and took to the sky

And I

Raised up my voice on high

And sang out a prayer

To a God in which I didn’t believe.


How do you know what lightness is if you’ve never seen dark?

How do you know what darkness is if you’ve never seen light?

How can a feather float without gravity?

How can water float without gravity?

How can a person float without gravity?

GEEK WEEK – Empire Recruitment Video

Another SushiCat Productions film! we filmed this comedy short in July and again, it took us about a month to find time to get together and edit it. It happened to coincide with Youtube’s Geek Week so we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon!

I’m also in rehearsals for Lorca’s “Blood Wedding” at Central School of Speech and Drama at the moment as the finale to my Acting Diploma course. Really enjoying rehearsals – really hard work but loving it! We will be getting professional photos done of the dress rehearsal so I should be able to post pictures of me playing Mother-In-Law.

Ramblings on amateur vs. professional acting & on Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness (Spoiler Free!)

I was going to be involved in an amateur theatre production recently. I thought maybe it would be fun and helpful to my studies to take a published script, get together with some non-trained people and put on a production in a fringe theatre. It didn’t work out but in retrospect, I’m really glad!

I’ve often asked myself what the difference between amateur and profesional theatre is, particularly considering that in these hard economic times, many fringe theatre acting jobs are unpaid and amateur actors can go on to become professionals. The lines are very blurred, but I think I made a revelation as to my opinion of what constitutes an amateur play. It’ll probably sound snobby – so sue me!

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The Edinburgh Fringe Festival – A Cost Conscious Visitor’s Guide

If you are serious about live performing arts, The Edinburgh Fringe is the place to be in the month August. It’s essentially a massive theatre and comedy trade show. It’s a great place to see what the “next big thing” will be,  especially in Theatre & Comedy. As it’s highly experimental so you will see lots of good and bad stuff, but as long as you are adventurous and keep an open mind, you’re likely to see some of the most innovative theatre you will ever see.

As a visitor to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the past seven years, I thought I would share some things I have learned over the last few years.


This is a map of locations discussed in this blog, just to help get your bearings.

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