Inspirational workshop with actor Toby Jones

I know I’ve mostly been posting on here about stand up I’m doing and new headshots, but I wanted to talk more about inspirational moments I’ve had in terms of training I’m doing. I know, it’s a little pretentious – so sue me!

As well as the Acting course I’m doing at Central School of Speech and Drama, I’m also attending other workshops. This week I attended a workshop about physical comedy with actor Toby Jones. If you don’t know who he is he’s predominantly a stage actor (was in Parlour Song written by Jez Butterworth at Almedia Theatre) but is probably now best known for his film and TV roles (Alfred Hitchcock in The Girl, Tinker Tailor Soldior Spy, the voice of Dobby in Harry Potter, The Dreamlord in Doctor Who, Frost/Nixon…).

It was interesting to hear him talk about his career. He went to Lecoq School in Paris and left drama school thinking he would only ever do collaborative stage work. Eventually, financial factors meant he ended up moving into more lucrative stage and film work. He also talked about how difficult he finds auditions; something that even at this very early stage of my career, I felt I could identify with. It’s somehow comforting to hear that no matter how successful you are in the industry, auditions never stop being difficult.

He talked about his training and showed some physical comedy techniques he uses, which he learned at Lecoq School. It really inspired me to read more about Lecoq’s physical theatre techniques and when I got home, I immediately ordered a copy of The Moving Body (le Corps Poetique) by Jacques Lecoq (which is also on the Central course syllabus). Hopefully I’ll get to read it in amongst the stack of other stuff I’m trying to read at the moment! I keep saying that I need to install one of those neck ports like they use in the Matrix to upload all the stuff I want to learn. As a Dyslexic, it would be a lot easier!

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