Funding music and preforming arts: Ashleigh’s thoughts

So I was having a discussion with my Dad today. It’s a discussion I’ve had with a few people about funding performing arts and music.

Yesterday, something pretty cool happened. Bitter Ruin (a band I really like – who are also lovely people) funded their Kickstarter project. In itself, that isn’t a great achievement. Meeting the target in 1 day, raising £20,000 (actually, they’re on £22,823 currently) for a £30,000 project is.

Of course Bitter Ruin aren’t the first (and definitely won’t be the last) band to fund their project this way. Amanda Palmer (who Bitter Ruin supported in 2010) raised $1,192,793 last year after leaving Roadrunner Records in 2008.

The fact of the matter is, the music industry has changed. The internet has empowered a DIY spirit among creative people. I for one love it.

Using the analogy I used with my Dad: The big record labels are like Tesco (and others) in the horse-meat scandal. They are mostly churning out rubbish (eg. Simon Cowell’s X-Factor crap) that they don’t care about. Of course they do make some good music, just like Tesco does make some good food.

Bands like Bitter Ruin on the other hand are like an independent butcher who can tell you where your meat comes from, the name of the farmer and what the meat was fed on.

So Bitter Ruin – congratulations on being a hand-reared beef lasagne. OK – maybe that wasn’t the best analogy. Well, it worked in my head…

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