First few months of being a professional Actor and Theatre Maker

After showcase finished and my dissertation was submitted I decided to go on holiday. I did debate the stupidity of spending money on a holiday after completing an expensive MA course, but one of the reasons I decided to do the course in the first place was because I decided to do more of what I wanted to do and not let money dictate my life so much. Plus I did feel like I wanted to celebrate the end of my life as an acting student and the start of my life as a professional actor.

Since being back, I’ve had a few interesting auditions: a theatre company producing new writing in a fringe theatres above pubs, a TV advert for a highstreet bank and today, a Theatre In Education Pantomime that will tour schools around London and the South East.

Before I went away, I decided to see what I could do day-to-day within the Theatre industry that might fit around going to auditions and developing my own work. I applied and was accepted for a job ushering at the Unicorn Theatre. If you aren’t familiar with it, the Unicorn Theatre produces and hosts theatre for and/or about young people and has had a purpose built home in London Bridge since 2005. I am thrilled to be working for such a wonderful theatre company as I was lucky enough as a young child to be taken by my School to the theatre company’s adaptation of Meg, Mog and Owl. I have some vivid memories of this production and am in no doubt that this, along with other early experiences of theatre, have had an influence in my choice of career going forward. More recently I went to see Monkey Bars; the verbatim piece written by Chris Goode, at the Unicorn Theatre. So far working at the Unicorn Theatre has given me some great opportunities to experience theatre aimed at young people while working.

I’ve also been volunteering at The Lab Collective doing everything from set painting, to show theme research, to researching and filling out funding applications. It’s been great working with an upcoming theatre company, supporting some really interesting new talent and getting an opportunity to learn about their theatre production process.

So all in all – exciting times! Here’s to my career as an Actor and Theatre Maker.

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