Soundtrack work-in-progress at the Hackney Showrooms and A Light Journey at the Little Angel Theatre

What a week!!!! Crazy crazy but fun fun!

This week I’ve been working on R&D with KimBo Theatre on “Soundtrack”, a look at how sound and music effects our day-to-day life. It was a big topic to cover and as a violinist and radio play performer and enthusiast, it was a wonderfully challenging week. We developed quite a few ideas around sound and memory, the sounds of a person’s average day, creating audio soundscapes, how music effects a task (eg. making a cup of tea). We also had input on Friday morning from the wonderful Tim Gebbels who as a visually impaired actor, gave us his perspective on our work. It was great meeting Tim and his guide dog Arthur.

On Saturday evening, we shared a selection of the work we’d worked on at a showing at the Hackney Showroom. It’ll be interesting to look at all the feedback and see where our director Bryony wants to take the project next.

On Monday evening after many evenings of devising and rehearsing the puppetry group I’m part of called Little Devils showed our devised piece entitled “A Light Journey” was shown the Little Angel Theatre. Here’s some production photos:

The Ship of fools

The Ship of fools at sea


Wisewoman & man arguing

Boss Minion

Boss Minion threatening the other Minions

Three Minions looking at the Light

All three minions looking at the Light in a box

Finally Thursday night saw the start of a new project for me, Opera in the East’s development of a puppeteered perfromance of Bella Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle. This will be performed at The Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park in Stratford as part of The Arcola‘s Grimeborn season and is directed by Oliver James Hymans who also directed “A Light Journey” at the Little Angel. It’ll be great to work with Oliver once again!

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