Wondering & wandering in the USA

So I’ve been off adventuring again. This time in the US of A.

I have dual UK/US nationality and haven’t been over to the ‘states to see my family since 2013. In the last few months, I’d been having a type of homesickness for them which is why I decided to plan a madcap journey. All over the US, seeing both family and some friends from East 15 Drama School.

In among my travels, I made it to Los Angeles for the first time ever. When I graduated from Drama school, I made a promise to myself that I would make an excuse to visit LA and see if there was any work/networking/career development I could do whilst there. Although I only spent a couple of nights in Hollywood, I managed to fit in a session at Actor’s Alley workshops. I would really recommend them. They run evening workshops with casting directors and provide sides for pairs of actors to read for feedback. The prices are fairly reasonable and the sessions are really nicely run.

Being away was also a great way to get some good research done for “Mary, Mary“. After reading quite a lot of work by Mary Wollstonecraft (as well as Claire Tomlin’s fabulous biography and, of course “Frankenstein”) I decided to go for a more modern, easy holiday read. I got myself a copy of Bee Rowlatt’s “In Search Of Mary” a brilliant read I would recommend to anyone, not just Wollstonecraft fans. I guess it’s a sort-of feminism/travel book which sees Rowlatt walking in the shoes of her idol Wollstonecraft, firstly to Norway to retrace Mary’s “Letters written in Sweeden, Norway and Denmark” and then to Paris, both with her baby Will in tow. Of the many nuggets of wisdom that Rowlatt ponders (some from Wollstonecraft, some her own…), Rowlatt mentions that reading is more immersive when you’re a little lonely. Traveling on my own around the USA (allbeit to visit people I did know!) Was really useful in this regard. In the week since getting back I’ve barely read a page!!!

Neil Gaiman also says that being bored is one of the best ways to get inspired. So when I came back from holiday to find that my regular freelance day job had dried up, I decided to see it as a good thing for my acting and theatre making career. That and they say that “poverty inspires”!

The other news is that I write this on a train back from Brighton having been rehearsing for a really fantastic LGBTQ+ web series which will be shooting in August. More details as I have them but I’m really excited about this script and am so excited for people to see (and for me to see) the finished product.

So here’s to loneliness, boredom and poverty not being necessarily negative things!

And anyway – I have plenty to do with “Mary, Mary” on the horizon! Make sure you get your tickets for our premier showings on 20th & 21st August at 2pm.

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