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Long time no update!

Just a quick update to say that I haven’t posted an update on my blog for a while. That isn’t because I’ve not had news, it’s because I can’t talk about the fantastic news I have!

In March I worked on a really great, very high profile voice job which took me to Shepperton Studios for three days.

And on Thursday, I’m recording a radio play I’ve have been cast in. It looks like it will prove to be ENORMOUS fun.

Once these have been announced and non-disclosure agreements have expired I will be sure to announce my involvement in these wonderful projects by shouting it from the rooftops. In the meantime, you’ll just have to keep guessing because I’m not going to tell you.

Voiceover Voice Reels

As some may have seen from my twitter/facebook etc, last week I recorded a voice reel with the lovely people at Voiceover Soho. So here is my commercial and documentary voice reels!

Ionesco Double Bill opens tonight!


“Jacques or Obedience” (one half of the “Ionesco Double Bill”) opens tonight at the Network Theatre and runs until Saturday. Above is a picture taken from our dress rehearsal on Monday and my crow-like Grandmother Jacques is the second from left. Tickets are selling fast (a few days are almost sold out already) so book tickets here.

In the meantime, a post that I wrote entitled “Dealanach: Who Are Women?” for the Boireannach Theatre website is getting some very nice feedback on twitter:

A Younger Theatre’s review of Dealanach while not exactly glowing, did recommend my blog post in their review of the show. Although I loved the work we did with Dealanach, I realise that the form of the piece meant it was never going to be to everyone’s tastes. All art-forms can, in the end, be a matter of personal taste and preference.

Dealanach and Jacques Tickets

“Dealanach” rehearsals have been hotting up and you can read some of my thoughts about this over on my post entitled “Who Are Women” on the Boireannach Website. “Dealanach” is being performed as part of Boireannach Theatre’s “Into The Mire” season as part of the Vault festival on Thursday 12th at 6.15pm and Saturday 14th at 1.45pm. Book tickets here.

Tickets for “Jacques or Obedience”, part of the Network Theatre “Ionesco Double Bill” are also now on sale. If you want to see this crazy masked performance, with me playing Grandmother Jacques, book tickets here.

And to whet your appetites here’s an in-the-making shot of the Grandmother Jacque’s mask:

Grandmother Jacque's Mask

Dealanach – it means “lightning” or “electric” in Gaelic!

I’m thrilled to announce I will be part of the Dealanach ensemble for Boireannach Theatre’s second season “Into The Mire” at Vault Festival on 12th and 14th February. Dealanach is a devised ensemble piece about the female form and I’m so excited to work with a wonderful group of women, some of whom I’ve worked with before and some of whom I’m looking forward to working with for the first time! I really can’t wait to get into the rehearsal room and have already been looking at some pretty amazing women as part of my research Learn more about the piece on the Boireannach website or book tickets via the Vault Festival website.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

First few months of being a professional Actor and Theatre Maker

After showcase finished and my dissertation was submitted I decided to go on holiday. I did debate the stupidity of spending money on a holiday after completing an expensive MA course, but one of the reasons I decided to do the course in the first place was because I decided to do more of what I wanted to do and not let money dictate my life so much. Plus I did feel like I wanted to celebrate the end of my life as an acting student and the start of my life as a professional actor.

Since being back, I’ve had a few interesting auditions: a theatre company producing new writing in a fringe theatres above pubs, a TV advert for a highstreet bank and today, a Theatre In Education Pantomime that will tour schools around London and the South East.

Before I went away, I decided to see what I could do day-to-day within the Theatre industry that might fit around going to auditions and developing my own work. I applied and was accepted for a job ushering at the Unicorn Theatre. If you aren’t familiar with it, the Unicorn Theatre produces and hosts theatre for and/or about young people and has had a purpose built home in London Bridge since 2005. I am thrilled to be working for such a wonderful theatre company as I was lucky enough as a young child to be taken by my School to the theatre company’s adaptation of Meg, Mog and Owl. I have some vivid memories of this production and am in no doubt that this, along with other early experiences of theatre, have had an influence in my choice of career going forward. More recently I went to see Monkey Bars; the verbatim piece written by Chris Goode, at the Unicorn Theatre. So far working at the Unicorn Theatre has given me some great opportunities to experience theatre aimed at young people while working.

I’ve also been volunteering at The Lab Collective doing everything from set painting, to show theme research, to researching and filling out funding applications. It’s been great working with an upcoming theatre company, supporting some really interesting new talent and getting an opportunity to learn about their theatre production process.

So all in all – exciting times! Here’s to my career as an Actor and Theatre Maker.

Post East 15 MA Showcase

So that’s it, Showcase is done and so ends my time at East 15! Will miss it but am also really looking forward to going forward and making my career!

At the open dress rehearsal in the Corbett Theatre on Wednesday night, all our showreels were screened. Here’s my scene with Heidi Goldsmith from Mike Leigh’s “Happy Go Lucky”:

The Showcase was also reviewed by The Stage who said “Ashleigh Loeb had a quiet authority as the teacher sent to find the giggling Daisy Boyden and Kelsey Williams in a playful scene from Teendreams by David Edgar.”

I’ve been so lucky to work with such brilliant Actors over this year. Hopefully I’ll work with many of them in the future as well!