Happy 2016 – Voicereel Updates and auditions

2016 has started with a bang. Lots of auditions and an update to my voicereel which needed to be approved by a client:


On Friday, I have some more work from a client I have previously worked for (always nice to have repeat custom!) and next week, there’s a chance I may be off to Shepperton Studios for some more computer game work (fingers crossed!!!)

Happy Holidays and New Year!

September seems to have fast-forwarded to the end of the year! Where has this year gone!?!?

I finally moved into my new flat in Stroud Green – which is great.

In the wake of all the voiceovers I’ve been doing, I signed up with voice agency Mother Tongue who have sent me a couple of interesting jobs for Pharmaceuticals company Roche and Doubletree by Hilton. I also should have another voiceover coming up which I thought might be recorded before the end of the year but now looks like it should be recorded in the new year.

Here’s the year in review:

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Lots of voices including Lost Property and Pathfinder Legends!

It’s been a busy old time recently!

On Monday I recorded a voiceover for Colgate for an educational initiative they’re running in schools:

As well as work for Theatre Mensch for Lost Property at the Little Angel studios before I went away on a short European excursion, I recorded a voiceover for Green Tomato Cars:

Ahhh the life of a VO artist, heard but never seen 😉

Finally, the first episode of Pathfinder Legends – Mummy’s Mask: The Half-Dead City was released by Big Finish today! Remember that you can buy the CD or download at Big Finish in the UK and Paizo in the USA.

You can also subscribe to the entire series via Big Finish and Paizo so you don’t miss me reprise my role as the half-Orc Naghut and play a dragon (among other characters) in the second episode of Mummy’s Mask: Empty Graves, released next month.

Update: 02/10/2015

Just as I said that’s all, I noticed that NHS Careers had released a video for their “Step Into The NHS” competition which I voiced!

Pathfinder Legends

As you may have seen on my social media accounts, I’ve been working really hard to keep a secret which I can now tell!

Pathfinder Legends - Mummy's Mast: The Half-Dead City

A few months ago I was invited to come on board on an audio drama by Big Finish. I have wanted to work with Big Finish for a while as I’ve listened to and enjoyed a few of their Doctor Who audio dramas. This was on the second Pathfinder Legends series instead.

I’m not at all denying being a big geek about certain things and although I have played a few RPGs before, I was not familiar with Pathfinder at all. Being a geek though, I did recognise how important my research would be. So I made some enquiries and made sure I knew as much as I could about who I was playing.

I would be playing Velriana Hypaxes, described to me as having a “ruthless streak” (how on earth could I resist!?!?) who can be seen on the front cover of The Half-Dead City (above), the first episode of the second series, Mummy’s Mask. I also played a number of other characters including a half-orc called Naghut, who I was asked to reprise in the second episode Empty Graves.

I had such a fun time recording the two episodes with alongside a lovely producer/director, wonderful cast and brilliantly patient sound team. I haven’t heard much of the final plays so I’m really excited to hear the finished product and hope I have done the characters justice!

The Half-Dead City, in which I play Velriana Hypaxes and Naghut is released on CD and download in September from Big Finish in the UK or Paizo in the USA

Empty Graves, in which I play Naghut is released on CD and download in October from Big Finish in the UK or Paizo in the USA

Also, the entire Pathfinder Legends – Mummy’s Mask series can be subscribed to via Big Finish in the UK or Paizo in the USA so you are sent every episode as soon as it is released!

Soundtrack work-in-progress at the Hackney Showrooms and A Light Journey at the Little Angel Theatre

What a week!!!! Crazy crazy but fun fun!

This week I’ve been working on R&D with KimBo Theatre on “Soundtrack”, a look at how sound and music effects our day-to-day life. It was a big topic to cover and as a violinist and radio play performer and enthusiast, it was a wonderfully challenging week. We developed quite a few ideas around sound and memory, the sounds of a person’s average day, creating audio soundscapes, how music effects a task (eg. making a cup of tea). We also had input on Friday morning from the wonderful Tim Gebbels who as a visually impaired actor, gave us his perspective on our work. It was great meeting Tim and his guide dog Arthur.

On Saturday evening, we shared a selection of the work we’d worked on at a showing at the Hackney Showroom. It’ll be interesting to look at all the feedback and see where our director Bryony wants to take the project next.

On Monday evening after many evenings of devising and rehearsing the puppetry group I’m part of called Little Devils showed our devised piece entitled “A Light Journey” was shown the Little Angel Theatre. Here’s some production photos:

The Ship of fools

The Ship of fools at sea


Wisewoman & man arguing

Boss Minion

Boss Minion threatening the other Minions

Three Minions looking at the Light

All three minions looking at the Light in a box

Finally Thursday night saw the start of a new project for me, Opera in the East’s development of a puppeteered perfromance of Bella Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle. This will be performed at The Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park in Stratford as part of The Arcola‘s Grimeborn season and is directed by Oliver James Hymans who also directed “A Light Journey” at the Little Angel. It’ll be great to work with Oliver once again!

Theatre Mensch and other miscellany

So I’ve recently launched my own theatre company: Theatre Mensch! The reason for creating the company is to have a brand under which to produce some theatre making. Our first project is Mary Mary which is in progress and we also have a few other bits in development as well. Keep up to date on Theatre Mensch stuff over on the website.

Additionally, a friend of mine took a trip recently to The Clifton Suspension Bridge Visitor’s Centre and took some footage of the game I leant my voice to last year:

Finally, as you might see in the “Ashleigh will be appearing in…” section, I’m performing in a devised puppetry show called “A Light Journey” devised by Little Devils for a special showcase at The Little Angel Theatre. If you’d like to come along, please message me for tickets.

Lots of other exciting things happening that I can’t talk about just yet, but keep your eyes open for more updates!

Guitar Hero Live

So it looks like I can finally announce my involvement in one of the projects I’ve been under a non disclosure agreement about: Guitar Hero Live!

In March, I spent three days working at Shepperton Studios recording voices for featured audience members in several different levels, including the level featured in the above trailer. Here’s a cheeky photo I took of the studios on the day:


The team had recorded the visuals previously but needed voice artists to do some ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) on featured audience members at the front of the stage, and to provide general whoops or boos for when the player was doing well or badly.

The recording was done on a sound stage and the recording felt very much like my experience of festivals: lots of fun, very tiring and great times making new friends.

As a fan of the series myself (I own the “Warriors of Rock” edition for the PS3) it was nice to be one of over four hundred actors who made Guitar Hero Live possible. If you play the game and think you hear me, please get in touch. I’d love to see what made it into the final game.

Guitar Hero Live is released in the autumn. More details on Guitar Hero Live can be found here.