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Victim Blaming

Criticise I’m too fast,

Criticise I’m too slow,

Criticise I said yes,

Criticise I said no.

When I went and thought too much,

When I didn’t think at all,

When I wasn’t brave enough,

When I just felt too small.

Too pretty to be smart,

Too ugly to be loved,

Sleeps around – just a tart,

Not enough – above it all.

Criticise I’m honest,

Criticise I lie,


Living History Poetry

Long time no updated.

So we got back from Living History on 14th February. I don’t want to write too much about it but it was amazing! We then poured all the experience and learning we did into “Show In a Week” (does what it says on the tin) which we performed on 28th February & 1st March. Here’s some poetry I wrote inspired by Living History that was used in the collaborative phase of the show but wasn’t in the final performance:

I had a fire in my belly.

I tried to dowse it with water

But the flames caught light and took to the sky

And I

Raised up my voice on high

And sang out a prayer

To a God in which I didn’t believe.


How do you know what lightness is if you’ve never seen dark?

How do you know what darkness is if you’ve never seen light?

How can a feather float without gravity?

How can water float without gravity?

How can a person float without gravity?