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Dealanach and Jacques Tickets

“Dealanach” rehearsals have been hotting up and you can read some of my thoughts about this over on my post entitled “Who Are Women” on the Boireannach Website. “Dealanach” is being performed as part of Boireannach Theatre’s “Into The Mire” season as part of the Vault festival on Thursday 12th at 6.15pm and Saturday 14th at 1.45pm. Book tickets here.

Tickets for “Jacques or Obedience”, part of the Network Theatre “Ionesco Double Bill” are also now on sale. If you want to see this crazy masked performance, with me playing Grandmother Jacques, book tickets here.

And to whet your appetites here’s an in-the-making shot of the Grandmother Jacque’s mask:

Grandmother Jacque's Mask

Dealanach – it means “lightning” or “electric” in Gaelic!

I’m thrilled to announce I will be part of the Dealanach ensemble for Boireannach Theatre’s second season “Into The Mire” at Vault Festival on 12th and 14th February. Dealanach is a devised ensemble piece about the female form and I’m so excited to work with a wonderful group of women, some of whom I’ve worked with before and some of whom I’m looking forward to working with for the first time! I really can’t wait to get into the rehearsal room and have already been looking at some pretty amazing women as part of my research Learn more about the piece on the Boireannach website or book tickets via the Vault Festival website.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

THE project.

I finished up at East 15 on 11th July and things seem to be going quite well. I’ve had spits and spots of work, been attending some workshops and stuff, some of which through the fantastic IdeasTap site and seeing some great theatre. What I’ve really realised I want to do though, is create some new theatre.

The MAP (MA Project) work we did at East 15 was great, but no-one I worked with was particularly interested in reviving the piece. A shame as I think what we did was pretty good in the end. However, part of the lead-up to the MAP piece was to try out lots different ideas of pieces before eventually finding one to work on. One that I was particularly interested in that ended up being abandoned, was some verbatim work on Sex and Sexuality.

With the permission of those who were involved in the initial research, I’ve decided I’m going to pick up the batton. Yesterday was my first interview since the initial research and I think I got some good material. I very much want to wait until I have collated a bunch of interviews before even trying to hammer something together and I’m hoping to premier the performance at the next Queer Alternative Cabaret event (which we’re hoping will be some time in early November).

If you’re interested in being interviewed for the project and don’t mind being audio recorded talking openly about sex and your sexuality (don’t worry – the piece will perform the text so that the original speaker will be anonymous) then please get in contact! I will be blogging more on this project as and when it happens!

Ramblings on amateur vs. professional acting & on Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness (Spoiler Free!)

I was going to be involved in an amateur theatre production recently. I thought maybe it would be fun and helpful to my studies to take a published script, get together with some non-trained people and put on a production in a fringe theatre. It didn’t work out but in retrospect, I’m really glad!

I’ve often asked myself what the difference between amateur and profesional theatre is, particularly considering that in these hard economic times, many fringe theatre acting jobs are unpaid and amateur actors can go on to become professionals. The lines are very blurred, but I think I made a revelation as to my opinion of what constitutes an amateur play. It’ll probably sound snobby – so sue me!

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Funding music and preforming arts: Ashleigh’s thoughts

So I was having a discussion with my Dad today. It’s a discussion I’ve had with a few people about funding performing arts and music.

Yesterday, something pretty cool happened. Bitter Ruin (a band I really like – who are also lovely people) funded their Kickstarter project. In itself, that isn’t a great achievement. Meeting the target in 1 day, raising £20,000 (actually, they’re on £22,823 currently) for a £30,000 project is.

Of course Bitter Ruin aren’t the first (and definitely won’t be the last) band to fund their project this way. Amanda Palmer (who Bitter Ruin supported in 2010) raised $1,192,793 last year after leaving Roadrunner Records in 2008.

The fact of the matter is, the music industry has changed. The internet has empowered a DIY spirit among creative people. I for one love it.

Using the analogy I used with my Dad: The big record labels are like Tesco (and others) in the horse-meat scandal. They are mostly churning out rubbish (eg. Simon Cowell’s X-Factor crap) that they don’t care about. Of course they do make some good music, just like Tesco does make some good food.

Bands like Bitter Ruin on the other hand are like an independent butcher who can tell you where your meat comes from, the name of the farmer and what the meat was fed on.

So Bitter Ruin – congratulations on being a hand-reared beef lasagne. OK – maybe that wasn’t the best analogy. Well, it worked in my head…